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We feel strongly that not every Architectural Design should require the same design process.  Most projects can be handled with a Traditional Design/Bid/Build method, where the Client has the ability to get multiple bids for their project.  Other projects have strict timelines and need to be expedited to keep on schedule.  In this case, we believe the Design/Build method is appropriate.  Below is a further explanation of each method.  Feel free to contact us to see which method will be right for your upcoming project.

Traditional design/bid/build is a more traditional method where we work one on one with our clients through the design process of Schematic design, design development, and construction documents. Once every detail has been thoroughly worked out, we assist our clients with the bidding and negotiation with qualified contractors. Finally, we provide construction supervision to some degree depending on the complexity of the project. This method of design takes time, sometimes months. In doing the complete set of plans up front, an accurate bid is achieved and the client is aware of all necessary costs before the project begins.

Design/build is a faster paced method of designing and building a project. CA still works one on one with the clients, but rather than compete a thorough set of construction documents, a developed set of plans is passed onto one of the various contractors who can provide a budget for the construction costs before every intricate detail has been put on paper. Time is saved using this method as the complete drawing set is smaller and many details are created on site while the project is being built. CA works very closely with the contractor to work out the details and ensure the projects success. Budgets are used in place of a fixed construction cost.